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Hi! So, I have two leopard geckos: Luna & Weasley. I am desperate for help with what to do, here is the story: in early December I took Luna to the vet because I heard a slight click in her breath and was worried it was the start of an RI. The vet (who was clearly inexperienced and mishandled her) gave me a 7 day course of an antibiotic (I don’t remember what it was) and said if she didn’t get better I should take her to another vet in Denver. she never did improve but she also never got worse. In January, I took her to a second vet - he took a look at her and declared her healthy. He said “it could be anything or it could be nothing” and that he didn’t want to treat her unnecessarily. He said if she stops eating I should bring her back.
SO now we’re up to May, she has been normal and seemingly healthy with a good appetite until now. She suddenly stops eating and I take her to a THIRD vet. This vet xrays her lungs and sees they are inflamed. Luna then receives 11 ceftazadime injections, one approx every 72 hours - so over about 5 weeks time. She never improves, she starts to seem worse. I’ve been feeding her critical care every day - she only VERY occasionally eats insects on her own. And meanwhile my second gecko, Weasley, developed the same click. He started the shots too and he seemed to deteriorate rapidly while on treatment. What is going on?!?
So today I take them back and she says we can try oral baytril and I can give them each .06ml every 3 days (they both weigh about 90g). I was under the impression that oral antibiotic treatments are more commonly prescribed daily, and she was like “yea you can do that if you want”...which is a confusing response.
so, I have enough baytril to give them a daily dose, but I have no idea what advice to follow at this rate. Do I give it every 3 days? Or give it daily? I’ve been to 3 vets, none of whom have helped or been successful in treating this at all and I’m having a hard time knowing who to trust. I’m at a loss. Sadly, I will likely consider euthanizing Luna if she does not improve on the baytril - it’s not fair for her to continue to suffer anymore. Please help!!! Any thoughts, advice, experience with oral baytril dosage, ANYTHING. I’m desperate. Thank you.



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I think the problems you're having are way beyond what a non vet can handle. Is there a vet school in the Denver area? Sometimes there is more cutting edge treatment available at an animal hospital connected with a vet school. At some point, I think you may have to choose the vet you're most comfortable with and go with them.