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Ive never owned a leopard gecko (I have researched them) but I stick to bearded dragons. However my mom is a vet and her friends at her old clinic (that’s attached to a pet store) turned in a leopard gecko with shedding issues and they cannot sell him. I offered to take him and I’m picking him up this weekend. Ive been looking at lighting set ups and I’m getting very mixed results. What is the best lighting I can get?

Also one of my beardies passed a few months ago and I have his old 50 gallon (it’s a little small for a beardie but he could not walk properly and wouldn’t need something huge) I know leopard geckos use 20 gallons. I am able to get one but is a 50 better or is that too much? Thanks for your help


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Bearded dragons (I have one) are diurnal and need to bask. Leopard geckos (I have many) are nocturnal and, while some of them like to be out of their hides during the days and have been seen basking (not sure if they're really basking or if they're just out and the light happens to be on), they don't need lights as long as there is light in the room so they can tell day from night. What they do need is belly heat, usually provided by a heat mat with thermostat. They also need calcium and vitamin D3 provided by dusting their feeders every other feeding.
Either size is fine for a leopard gecko. They may appreciate more space since you have the larger enclosure.


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