Longest living Uroplatus ?


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Just wondering what type of longevity records other folks have/have heard of.

I recently purchased a female U.Guentheri that seems in excellent health and is still laying eggs. This poor girl has been passed around- she has been kept by a few different keepers who I have been in touch with. By all accounts, she was an ADULT wc upon imortation, and has been in captivity well over 8 yrs, some insist over 10 ! Sounds unreal. right ?

Another reliable friend told me of a wc U. Lineatus that was kept over 10yrs in his friend's snake room (at snake room temps too - NOT recommended for any Uroplatus species !).

Another told me of a Pietchmanni that lived over 8yrs in captivity.

Does anyone else have any longevity stories to share ? It would also be interesting to hear generally accepted lifespans for the various Uroplatus species kept in captivity.

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I was told by a friend who's been keeping for over a decade that his fimbriatus have lived 10+ years, so I'd not be surprised at all if those other stories were true. Unfortunately, I'm too young in the Uroplatus game to weigh in. The longest I've had any of my Uroplatus is about two years, and he was imported in summer 2008, thus making him four years old. No records there...