Lost Baby Leopard Gecko!!!!!!HELP PLEASE!!!!


Curly Dragon
HEy Guys! I lost my baby gecko a few days ago. Sorry the story is so long, i want to include all the details so you may give a thorough response

If you do not want to read it all, scroll to the very bottom to see the questions i have.

3 days ago, my baby Leopard Gecko, Dexy, (I believe she is a Lavender Halloween Mask) was climbing on my shirt and went to the back of my neck like she always does, underneath my hair. I reached back to grab her, and she was gone! I felt around my back but it also bore no gecko. Having been on my bed, i threw all the pillows but no gecko was under them. I checked under the sheets- no gecko. I felt around the elastic sheet(the one you sleep on) and even removed the mattress. No gecko. By now I was freaking out. I looked under my dresser, and saw a silhouette moving. Taking a stick, i carefully pushed it to one side, which it was stubborn, and it turned around a couple of times. When i pulled it out, it was a bend business card. But I swore i had seen my leo under there! So i checked all my shoes on my shoe rack, which was beside my dresser, but no gecko. No gecko in my closet either. Now this night my sisters were both having sleepovers(all my friends had big projects) and so i didnt want to disturb anyone, so i went into my sisters room in the dark. She was awake and was ok with me looking, but i couldnt move the blow up mattresses or piles of clothes. No gecko. Across the hall from ours rooms was the furnace room (we are in the basement) and there is a channel on the inside of the water heater that is warm. Dexy could have easily fit in there, the only problem was that there was a small lining of fiber glass insulation. Would Dexy have gone in there? I set up a water dish and hot hide in the hallway, turned down the thermostate to 60, opened the windows(it was raining outside) all to make the hot hide look more tempting and went to bed. The next morning i systematically checked the entire downstairs with the help of my sleepover guests, to no avail. My dad said Dexy would ave died in the cold last night, but i still had hope. That afternoon the water i had set out dissapeared. Dad said it evaporated, but that was too fast- it was cold in house and there was still water on the bottom. The next day, I found a pool of urine 3 times the size of Dexy, which dad said was too much for a gecko, but it smelled like her and was wet. It didnt have a poop attached, and was bright yellow, so i was unsure, but what else could have made it? Was it a sign of sickness? It lead to a crack in the drywall. In this crack was a path that snakes along the wall of my sister's room. The opening was half hidden in carpet, but a baby gecko could have easily fit in there. I set up another hot hide beside the crack and a bowl of mealworms, but no gecko has come out. Im afraid Dexy is dead or stuck in there! I heard scratching noises for a little while, but still nothing. No smell or sign that she even existed in my life....

What can i do to lure out my lost gecko? I heard some people played a cricket noise and it lured out their hungry gecko.
Ive tried hot hides, moist hides, mealworms, and water, but no signs except for the yellow liquid!
was the yellow liquid pee, or an excrement from infection?
Can geckos hide in drywall, and will she come out?
how long can a gecko live without care?
Would i be able to spot my gecko with infrared vision?
Should i give up hope?
What time are geckos most active?IM SO WORRIED ABOUT HER AND MISS HER SOOOO MUCH

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