mating IN THE WILD!!


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Maryville, TN
I was walking behind my garage today to go get the four wheeler i had left out. I rounded the corner, and walked around an old truck that we are using for parts. Well I look beside the truck and see the most amazing thing I have ever seen. These two snakes (im going to call them black snakes since im not keen on the species yet) were next to the truck out in the OPEN!!! I wish i could have gotten the pics when i first seen em. They we STANDING face to face off the ground like a foot and a half, the rest of their lower bodies was twisted and on the ground. They looked like Cobras! They were 5-6 ft long. I was so amazed and in AWE!

Well I SPRINTED back to the house to grab the camera and ran back and this is what i got. Unfortunatley they sorta made their way under the truck.



They look like Black Rat Snakes, thats still an amazing site in the wild!