Meet me & Jupiter


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Hello! I'm am Pumkit, I run the YouTube channel PumkitDrawz. I love to do arts, music, and various other crafts. I own a cute cat named Barsic and a very smol lizard named Jupiter. I'm always up for a chat or some tips on taming, feeding, and generally taking care of leopard geckos. (I am a new owner I don't know much QwQ) maybe later in life I would get a turtle...
Meet Jupiter, a (I think) 1 month old leopard gecko.

Name: Jupiter
Gender: I don't know his gender but I'm assuming he's a male
Age: Unknown (I think it's 1 month ???)
Diet: 3-4 Mealworms daily and 1 waxworm every week both dusted with calcium powder (I'd appreciate tips!)
Habitat: 20 gallon glass tank w/ heat mat and lamp, coconut husk substrate. Water & food bowl and 2 hides. I might add a little bit more decor but who knows.

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