Morph and Age?! Any info would be great


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Could anyone give me an idea of age or possible morph for this girl? I unfortunately didn’t get too much info but she is the cutest and has such a great personality!! The first few pictures are from the temporary cage and she is basking in her food dish which is a little over 5 inches (I’m pretty sure it’s the small food dish from zoo-med) I feel she is a bit on the thin side so I have been feeding her a pretty good mix so I feel she will plump up soon. The last picture is for cuteness since I don’t wanna bug her settling in too much. DBED9465-D292-420B-9C8F-B15CDC390F7C.jpeg
A82EEC4C-D41D-4B09-BC03-9AD1D7712711.jpeg 52618216-A55F-41F0-8992-C9F6504F8C38.jpeg 67352995-A4F3-42D9-9321-0D49AC8C84D5.jpeg


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She doesn't have any orange on her tail so she's not a carrot tail. She's not a super hypo because she has body spots. It's a little hard to tell, but I suspect that the original black bands she had as a hatchling didn't go completely from side to side on her body and tail, so I would call her a jungle, which is part of the stripe gene. There's no way to tell her age except that she is no longer a young juvenile. She doesn't look too thin to me; her tail is nice and plump.


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