My leo is not eating


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My leo named spot who is around two years old (we think) stopped eating. She has been very healthy and was eating normally. A few mealworms every day and some waxworms every once in a while. She shed a while ago and it was stuck on her face and she wasn't eating. We got it off of her face but she still is not eating. It took some effort to get it off of her face and we had to use water and sort of drip a little water on her face. I thought that either she was hibernating or maybe something happened to her jaw when my dad tried to get the shed off. She seems to have trouble opening her mouth and I hope it is not serious. We can take her to the vet but I don't know if that will help. Please tell me if you can figure out what is wrong. Here is a picture of her from a while ago when she was still eating.


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I've moved this thread to the correct sub-forum. You can't get any responses to a thread in the classified section, which is where it was. It's not unusual for a gecko to eat a lot less (or not at all) in the winter. A number of mine aren't really eating. Are you providing supplements (calcium and vitamin D3) for your gecko? If not, she may have problems related to MBD (metabolic bone disease). If the gecko really seems to be having trouble opening her mouth, it's worth a vet visit. If we all knew before the visit what the vet would do, there would be less reason to see a vet. Good luck with her and let us know how it turns out.


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