My Little Crestie and Her Home


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My Little Crestie and Her Home!

Hello again all!

I have just joined the forum and I have a quick question!

This is my crestie toothless..

To me she looks a little bit skinny and shes not really too fussed on eating.. she eats about 10 crickets a week (I put 5 in three times a week) and I give her mashed fresh fruit mixed with crested gecko diet and warm water and she eats a mouthful once every couple of days (so now I don't feed her on cricket days as its just a waste!) does she look skinny?

And also this is her home, it says a constant 22-24c and always about 70% humidity. In there she lives on coconut bark and shares with a Fern and Orchid. I have a 15W UV lamp that goes on 2 hours a day before she wakes up to keep the plants alive (she will not come out of her bed if I leave the UV on) and also I have a heat mat that is automattically set to come on if her home drops below 20C during the day! (which it rarely does nowadays in the summer)

Is her home good enough? or should I consider building a bigger/taller one?

Thank you in advance for your help and feedback!
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