My male fat-tailed gecko is very sick!


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I'm desperate for help. My male AFT was in a tank with 2 females. I've had the male for over 4 years, one female for 1.5 years and the other I got this past July.

About 3 weeks ago my male was looking bloated and stopped eating. When he walked, he seemed to be dragging his lower half. A couple days later he vomited up crickets and shedding, and then after a few days of not eating, vomited the turkey baby food I tried to feed him to keep his weight up.

The morning before I took him to the vet he appeared to leave behind a good deal of sphagnum moss it appears he vomited up. I kept it in the tank for some humidity control. The vet seemed to believe he had thrown up the moss and that he would be doing better soon. I gave him some prescribed meds to keep his stomach in check.

It has been 2 weeks since my vet appointment, and my AFT still hasn't eaten. I changed the substrate to paper towel, and removed the females from the tank. His weight loss has become drastic, and I worry he will die soon. He is no longer vomiting but there has been very little food to vomit, and there have been no stools for me to sample. It is far beyond any previous brumation weight loss. I can't imagine the change in substrate or the lack of females would cause enough stress to harm him.



Sounds to me like he is still impacted quite a bit. I'd give warm water soaks daily for about 15 minutes at a time and see if that helps him. If you see no progress after a few days of soaks, it's vet time again and the vet may have to put him under and go in and remove the blockage.


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Yeah, I figured he might not have gotten it all out.

He certainly doesn't look swollen anymore, but it wouldn't surprise me. I've been soaking him, but not every day so I'll keep trying that.


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Is there any way I can rule out parasites?

I know people seem to think he is impacted, which is the most likely case, but it seems like parasites have similar symptoms. Is there any way I can rule out one?

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