My pup


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St. Paul, MN
This is Mayhem, he's a mini Aussie (mini Australian shepherd). He's about 2.5, I've had him since he was 9 months old. He's got a lot of issues from being kenneled almost his entire first 9 months of life. He's scared of just about everything, but is getting better. He's figured out that it's ok to play with humans, but is super afraid of new people. It takes a long time for him to trust adults but he likes calm kids right away. He's ridiculously smart, but gets discouraged when learning something new if he doesn't know what he's supposed to do- it took a year before he would shake, but he sat the first time. We're trying to teach him a herding game, he's doing pretty good now that he isn't scared of the ball anymore.



What a handsome little man! Glad he found a good home :) Maybe someday he will learn to live without being so scared! We rescued a little chihuahua off of craigslist(he is not my hubbys parents dog) and he was terrified of everyone and everything. Would pee when he got scared too. Its been almost a year now and he is SOOO much better! He has also learned humans are here to spoil and play with him ;). Im almost positive he was beat before and kept in a cage all the time. He now NEVER goes in a cage!