N.A.R.B.C. reptile expo March 15th & 16th

michael novy

Cleveland Ohio
Tax season is here and the N.A.R.B.C. reptile expo in Tinley Park Il. is the place to be this weekend ( March 15th and 16th). Here is some of what will be at the rainforest junky's table. Jared Ruffing will have his thumb nails there. What do we got for them Jared?

CB treefrogs:
Red eyes – sm juvies - $25 ea.
Albino red eyes – subadult - $80 ea.
Black red eyes – subadult - $100 ea.
Amazon milk frogs – lg juvies - $60 ea.
Australian blue whites treefrog – subadult - $40 ea.
Phyllomedusa azurea - $40 ea.
Phyllomedusa tomopterna - $40 ea.
phyllomedusa Sauvagi - $100 ea.

CB darts:
D. auratus - blue and black - $45 ea.
D. auratus - green and black - $40 ea.
D. tinctorius - bahkus - $40 ea.
D. tinctorius - patricia - $40 ea.
D. tinctorius – citronella - $40 ea.
D. leucomelas – orange - $45 ea.
D. galactonotus – yellow - $40 ea.
P. vittatus – red striped - $40 ea.
R. vanzolini - $60 ea.

CB day geckos:
P. grandis - $60 ea.
P. standing - $75 ea.

CB leaf tailed geckos:
U. fantasticus - satanic leaf tails - sexable - $400 ea. Pairs $700

CB fat tails:

Patternless striped whiteout males 65+ grams - $350 ea.
Patternless whiteout adult males- $300 ea.
Whiteout het for patternless adult females- $200 ea.
Het for patternless females- $50 ea.
Patternless striped females 25+ grams - $200
Whiteout females 30+ grams - $200 ea.


-Universal rock (imitation rock that looks natural and is great for creating waterfalls and planters in your vivariums) and I will have many ready to install as a waterfall/planter
-Also will have Universal rock's TREE BRANCHES AND HOLLOWED STUMPS. No more wood molding up or rotting in the tanks!! No more almost burning down the damm house by baking the wood to sterilize it. Just sayin..
-Black and clear Aquarium silicone
-Lots of broms
-Fresh live sheet moss
-Orchid moss
-Orchid bark ( 2 sizes available)
-Water pumps (2 sizes available) $10 ea. when you buy universal rock!
-Fruit flies
-Fruit fly media (gallon size and half gallon size)
-Cricket gut load (now have 3 sizes available- 8 oz, 1.5 lb., 4.5 lb.)
I will also have rainforestjunkys.com ladies tank tops.

Hope to see you there!!
Michael Novy