N.A.R.B.C. show this weekend in Chicago

michael novy

Cleveland Ohio
The N.A.R.B.C. show returns this weekend!! Although, it's gonna be interesting to see how many drunk people will be there since it is St. Patrick's Day.

Captive bred treefrogs:

red eyes -$40 ea.
albino redeyes $60 ea.
black eyes - $60 ea.
amazon milk froglets -$50 ea.
hour glass frogs -$20 ea.
clown treefrogs - $40 ea.

Monkey frogs:

tiger legs -$20 ea.
super tiger legs -$40 ea.
waxys -$80 ea.


Mint terribilis - $60 ea.
R. benedicta - $275 ea. (5 available)
Orange lamasi - $40 ea.

Fat tails: All prices are depending on size and color.

normal hets for patternless
white outs het patternless
patternless whiteouts

Will also have:

Vivariums - 2 10 gallon verts, 1 20 gallon vert and a 20 high setup
hydroton/ clay pellets
water pumps- 3 sizes available
aquarium silicone culking tubes ( black) NEW
universal rock ( fake rock formations perfect for incorporating waterfalls) A PALLET FULL! Some rocks may be predrilled for waterfall features
bromeliads - over 300
live moss (sheet moss )
fruit fly media
cricket gut load

For more info on the show and location visit NARBC.COM

See you there

Michael Novy
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