Natural history literature


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There are many books talking about leopard geckos care in captivity, but not so many that talk about them in the wild.

I've always been interested in reading some comprehensive information about wild leopard geckos. After all, their behaviour in nature is essential to understand things they may do in captivity. Reading this interesting thread I've seen Marcia and Matt mention two books that look very interesting. So that you don't have to look through the whole thread, they are:

"The Lizards of Iran", by Steven C. Anderson
"The Eyelash Geckos", by Seufer, Kaverkin, and Kirschner

I would like people to share here more literature about the leopard gecko species in the wild. I pretty much doubt that there is a book out there that deals with this subject exclusively, but maybe picking a little text from here and there... It doesn't have to deal with the leopard gecko species directly either, I would find very interesting to see studies about the weather or terrain from where they live too.

Please, if you recommend any reading, elaborate a little about it.