Natural Rock/Plants (pictures?)


Perrysburg, Ohio
I have been thinking of doing a natural setup for a really long time. Not just a plastic rock hide, and a log cave... I'm talking natural colored rock, and if possible native plants. I am concidering getting back into making grout/foam rock walls, but i think it would be great to use all natural stuff. Real rock, etc. Maybe a combination of them, I'm still running things through my head. Back to my question, the reason this wasnt posted in the housing section is beacuse I'm not looking for pictures of other peoples tanks (unless they are like what I'm talking about) but rather of leopard geckos natural habitat. I know there are a few pictures here in this section, and those helped alot. Marcia, maybe you could help me more here? Anyone else? Thanks for reading, I'd appreciate anything you may have for me!


La Española
Melbourne, Florida
I would say yes, especially the ones with soldiers in them. I think it would be awesome to design a really natural tank for them. I only think you might have trouble finding native plants, since they're probably not necessarily "attractive" plants. Although you could get decorative grasses and succulents and that would do a lot to create the dry deserty feel.