Need food help


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Fletcher NC
Got 2 geckos for pet for nieces.4 months ago Got stuck with them. Loved them so purchased 12 more from 2 quality breeders. Nice quality :main_thumbsup:and all fat tails 2-3 months ago. I read several articles on raising and keeping them. They were on meal worms. Some got crickets for chasing fun and exercise,
3 or giants from Tramper line. Love them will be buying more giants only some day. Saving for good ones. If they breed OK if not OK at least 5 were marked pet on website because of mixed.
My problem in last few weeks in 4 of six cages do not touch the mealworms. not even one. Did eat a few crickets. I tried Dubi roaches even set up a breeding tank But the Dubi was in there cages for days and not even chased. I also tried super worms. The giants ate then and meal worms.But normal size refused them.
But how do I get my others to eat mealworms? I hate crickets and do not care if I every see a cricket again. They smell and die easy. So would love to stick to mealworms. I can buy them cheap at rainbow mealworms in CA and Georgia Crickets in GA. all fat and size ordered. Got some from ebay last time $3,000 and 5$ cheaper supposed to be all mediums but were from tiny to some medium.
Could some mealworms being small be why geckos stopped eating mealworms. I do gut load. I do keep cages at right temps.I have 5 plastic storage totes the one for storage with frame and wheels.24 in. H x 21.88 in. W x 15.25 in. With heat tape on 1/2 of back side. 1 wet hide and a cave rock dry . 2 animals per cage usually in damp hide all day a few in hide part time. 1 male and 1 female.1 cage has 2 girls and a boy.My big cage a aquarium is huge 30-40 gallon not sure 1 male a giant Mr. Gorgeous my favorite bred by Tremper but purchased from Gecko Boa. He loves being held and loves any body especially next door neighbors kids. He does have 5 girls with him
I am down to a 1 week supply of mix size worms left and have a order of Giant meal worms coming.And more medium crickets just in case.
Hopefully that will get them back eating. A few has lost some weight in tail. Do any of you have any suggestions on how to get them eating mealworms again. Am gut loading worms. The ones not eating well or just eating enough crickets to stay alive. Di Geckos have spells of eating poorly??