New Leo, Old Leo


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I haven't been here in a while because life gets the best of you sometimes, but I just got a new leopard gecko last week, and I wanted to come show off a little bit!

I'm not here to ask about morphs, but I'm always open to that, haha.

This is Wonton!! I just got her on February 23rd, and this picture was taken in the last I think three days. She's currently 7 grams and 4" in length, and I say "she" but we don't know yet. I don't know her morph, but I kind of leaned towards mack snow? I also don't know her age, so if someone has any ideas about that, I would love to know your thoughts. She's pretty thin and doesn't like to be handled, but I am working on socializing her!

Here's another shot of her with my older gecko, Biscuit (we like food names).

Biscuit, I suspect, is just your typical normal-type gecko, but if someone else has another idea I'm open to it--again, I'm not here to ask morphs, just to show off! She (I am pretty sure she's a she, based on how she looks underneath) is 20g and 6.5" long. I don't know how old she is, only that I got her at the end of November. When I got her, she looked like this:

And finally, I posted it in the Before and After thread, but here's a side-by-side of Biscuit then and now!

And there we have it! Just wanted to share the changes in my leos since my last visit here! :3


Neon Aurora

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Nice geckos. =)

Yes, I would say the new one is probably a mack snow.

Don't forget about quarantine, especially if that new one came from a chain store. Try not to let those geckos make contact for 1-2 months until you are sure the new one isn't carrying any diseases or parasites. This would include handling the old one directly after the new one without washing your hands.