New Leo Owner!!!


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Hi All,

Bit of back story, I previously had a Leo about 8 years ago - which I gave to my brother to look after when I had to move - He still has him (Eddie) to this day as his kids fell in love with him.

So I few weeks ago I got Echo. The shop said Echo was about a month old, and he/she was tiny!!
The shop sold me several different pieces of equipment that I didn't have before, then after research I have changed a few things. But still trying to learn as there is a lot more info now than when I had Eddie.

Anyway here is Echo!!



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The shop sold me RepPro Leo Life as they didn't sell reptile carpet, it looked like a mix of sand, soil and clay.

I have changed to reptile carpet now as I was a bit worried about impaction.

They also sold me a heat lamp with 100w bulb, which Echo hated. Think I have bought almost everything to try - heat bulbs (100w, 60w, 50w), substrate, carpet, UVB, heat mat, CHE, stats, several thermometers .

I am currently using a heat mat and UVB, with occasional use of CHE, which apart from the CHE is what I used with Eddie years ago.

But I must say all the difference advice/info available now is confusing and has cost me lots of money!


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There are a lot of different opinions out there! They don't really need light (being nocturnal) as long as there's ambient light in the room. They can get their D3 from powdered supplements. The UVB is OK as long as they're actually out of the hide when it's on. They do need the belly heat so the heat mat is a good choice. I find that the CHE tends to dry out the air and dehydrate the gecko. In my opinion, if the ambient air temperature is OK for humans, it's OK for leopard geckos. They can go into their warm hides if it's colder than they prefer.
Think of all the things you won't buy for your second gecko!