New leo with retained eyelid shed

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My new little one is quite skittish, but eats very well!

My husband and I have been quite patient with handling him until he trusts us more, but he had a recent shed where all came off except his eyelid.

We've encouraged him to enter the humid hide, but he doesn't want to stay in there. I feel like the whole thing really stressed him out. He insists on staying in his warm hide.

I continue to read how to help remove the shed, but he doesn't want us to hold him yet. I don't want to overstress him, but we need to get it off! It's forcing his eye to stay slightly closed and I'm worried it will get worse.

He's eating well, and otherwise seems okay.

I read that putting a damp paper towel under his warm hide might help. Has anyone had success with this? My plan is to do this first thing in the morning.

I need to help my little leo ASAP! I am so worried. Any recommendations?