New leopard gecko


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Hi guys, ive followed the forums and set temps (warm end about 30c, cold end about 24) but the problem is my gecko (echo) doesnt seem to be eating properly, ive seen him eat once and since then he hasnt eaten anything ive had him for 3 weeks now, is it a patience game with these guys? all the insects are dying and i keep putting in fresh ones with calcium dust. any ideas? thanks


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Somerville, MA
Some of them take awhile to start eating, even a few weeks. Some don't eat much in the winter. Some prefer another feeder (I once had someone contact me that I'd sold a gecko to because the gecko wasn't eating. This gecko had been raised by me on mealworms, but it wasn't interested. I suggested the person try crickets and . . . instant success). If your gecko is actually a female (though I assume if you say "he" you know it's male), she could be ovulating and consequently not eating. On rare occasion the gecko is ill. To some extent it can depend where you got it from. If the tail starts to visibly get smaller I'd recommend a vet visit.


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