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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum because I wanted to have questions answered by the gecko community. This is Chauncey and he is a 1-2 year old Leopard Gecko I rescued from a friend that did not want to take care of him anymore. When I got him he was a little under weight, so I have been trying to build his weight up for the 3 months I have had him with success( I think). This is my first Leo, but I did countless research on them for about a year while waiting to get Chauncey. I have kept anoles, a lot of different fish, red eye tree frog, and white's tree frog. Let me know what you think about Chauncey and if you think he still needs to gain some more weight after looking at his tail/ body. It feels good to be apart of the forum, and if this post is off give me some tips on how to navigate the forum.


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Welcome to you and to Chauncy! Chauncy looks pretty well-proportioned with a nice sized tail.


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