New potential owner of a leopard gecko in Cleveland


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Good evening. I am seriously thinking of purchasing a Leopard Gecko. I habe a 10 gallon tank that i used to use for tropocal fish that i would like to use. My first question is heating. I watched you tube videos and breeders say heating mat rather than lamp. Any thoughts? I went to Petsmart tonight to price up substrate etc and was told that heating mats are not good for them and then tried to tell me that UV lamp, heating lamp and Night lamp is required. My tank does have LED's in the hood. Thanks.


Hello. I'm no expert but you don't need all of that stuff. Have you checked out the Care sheet forum here. That's a great place to start.

You may need to get a bigger tank for an adult leopard gecko. It needs one end to be hot and the other cool with hides at both ends.

It would be useful to post a picture up of the tank you have and also to look at pictures of other setups here.

I am using a ceramic heat bulb that gives off only heat and can be left on day and night. The temperature needs to be controlled by a thermostat.

The advice on Geckoforums is much better than at a pet store who will just try to sell you stuff you don't need.

Have fun.


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Yes, read the care sheets! And please don't get your gecko from Petsmart if possible. There are a number of breeders in OH, though I'm not current on who's still doing this. Google "Reptile shows in Ohio", find the webpages for the shows and look at the vendor lists. That should get you to vendors' websites.