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Hello everyone i am new to aft caring and breeding. I am wanting to get into Breeding really bad not rushing into but gota have a starting point huh? I got alot of question but will start with just the basic. How to get started or what to do next. I got the 13g National Geograhpic cage as of right now with 2 females aft's in it what should i move to for the breeding a 40g? and do i put the new male in the cage at all times with the females. Also the crickets i buy i just get 40 a week and throw in there cage i can't breed the crickets like i see other do my gf doesn't agree with that :D if i am wanting to start breeding them is the feeding going to change? Assuming i can breed them what r the mats i need for the incubation and what not. Please any and all help would be awesome really looking forward to breeding aft my first time caring and breeding any animal just kinda feel for aft fast :D20141226_200201_resized(1).jpg this is one of my 2 females
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Welcome to GF. Give us a moment. Remember, though it's not my holiday, a lot of people are very involved in family Christmas stuff right now.
You are asking some good questions about AFT care and breeding. I feel you have to fine tune the care a bit.
--a 13 gallon tank is a bit small for 2 geckos, even though AFT's do seem to me to be more reclusive and not need as much space as some other species of a similar size. I'd go with the 40.
--a lot of people feel that crickets should not be left in with geckos since they may bother the geckos. These people recommend putting in as many as the geckos seem to be able to eat in 15 minutes and then remove what's left over. I actually do keep crickets in with my AFT's, mostly because they are in planted tanks, there are things (besides the geckos) for the crickets to eat and it's really hard to remove them without disturbing the tank. If the geckos seem to be OK and are eating the crickets, this may work for you.
--are you misting them every day or so?

Many people keep their geckos individually and introduce the male for a day or so at a time for mating purposes. I keep my AFT's year-round in 1.2 groups and that works fine for me.
I highly recommend you do the following to find out more about breeding (since I doubt it's possible to get everything you need to know from a post):
--google "fat tail breeding" as well as "leopard gecko breeding" and read lots of information
--go through breeding sections on gecko forums, read the posts, copy and paste any info you think is important into a text document so you have things to refer to
--ask specific questions on the forums about information that seems to conflict and anything else you're not sure about (this is a much better strategy than a "tell me all about it" request on the forum, although I do see that you did ask specific questions).

There is a lot of info already out there about incubators etc and I think it makes more sense to find it online than for me to type a whole lot of stuff.

As a breeder of both leopard geckos and AFT's, I feel that the hatch rate of my AFT's has always been lower than that of my leopard geckos. I don't know if other breeders have the same experience or not.