Not normal poop?


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Hi everybody,
I’m a new reptile owner and I’ve tried to do tons of research for my new Leo to make sure she lives a long happy life! I am wondering if her poop tonight is normal or not. It doesn’t look normal to me but I don’t have much experience. This is the first time she’s pooped since being with me (Had issues with eating lately but I assume she is still settling in and she just shed as well)

About your leo:
- Female
- Less than a year old but close to it
- Have had her 8 days
- Got her from a pet store that specializes and breeds reptiles (Zoo Creatures, New Hampshire)

A) Health/History
- I have tried to start to tong feed to no avail. Handle her about every other day for a few minutes, ( I know she is still trying to acclimate)
- She stays in her moist hide almost all the time
- Just finished shed 2 days ago
-seemingly Healthy with a fat tail

B) Fecals
- First time she has pooped tonight. Looks not normal to me. Want to get some more experienced advice
A) Enclosure
- Short glass tank with a 15gallon footprint
- Repticarpet
- 3 hides
-warm rock hide with dry spagnum moss inside
- moist hide (rock with removeable top) and wet spagnum moss inside
- cool hide wood branch with fake leaves draped, covering it to create a hide

B) Heating
- Day
-warm side 88
- cool side 80
- cool side 71
-warm side 80

Above heating
- 50 W incandescent bulb for day(on lamp stand)
-zoo med UTH rated for 10-20 gallon tanks under the warm hide
-dimmable 60 W CHE at night(house goes down to 65ish at night)( on lamp stand)
- humidity between 18% and 33% all the time
- 1 digital thermostat at the cool end
1 digital thermostat/humidity device at the warm side measuring close to the bottom of the tank.
C) Cage mates
- No cage mates

Describe Diet:
A) Typical diet
- tried crickets, mealworms, waxworms. Ate 1 meal worm tonight. Dubia roaches on the way.
- No luck on tong feeding. Currently leaving in dish

B) Supplements (describe how often)
- Reptical in bottlecap in food dish
- Has not eaten anupything in 8 days (potentially 1 waxworm a week ago...?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I hope I’m doing what is good for her. I want her to have a happy life with me for a long time!
Her name is Juliet and I love her already! The first pic is her in her moist hide chillin. Th second pic is her tonight before her poop. And the third is her poop that I would like advice on.
Thank you so much in advance!



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Hi there welcome to the Forum...
Btw Juliet is a very pretty gecko.
Judging by how the poop looks...the urate seems to be yellowish guessing will be the hydration since the healthy urate color are in majority white color n Im not seeing u mentioned about any her drinking habit on the I guess I will just wait for ur second reply.


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Hi thank you for your reply! She has a water dish in her viv but I don’t know if she’s been drinking at all she’s been in her noisy hide pretty much all the time


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The poop doesn't look good, but I would wait to see if it straightens out after she settles in. geckos often do some gross poop while under moving stress.

If her poop still looks like that after she's had time to settle in and start eating regularly (over the course of a month or two), you may want to have a vet run a fecal test to see if she might have some parasites that require treatment.


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Hi thank you for your reply! She has a water dish in her viv but I don’t know if she’s been drinking at all she’s been in her noisy hide pretty much all the time
If the poop stay in the same color(or smelly) I would suggest just like indyana said..take the fresh laid poop n bring it to the vet for a fecal test