Finally after her 3rd clutch I finally got some decent eggs. The first clutch this year weren't fertile. The 2nd clutch one egg was layed outside the box and then crushed by her than the other egg was so small and deflated by time I got to it. Now 2 perfect firm eggs and I am soooo happy. I hope I get my first eggs for me ever. Wow I HOPE nothing goes wrong! Any advice for a first timer? I have it incubating at 90 degree's the egg surface area is about 86 but the incubator is at 90. They are sitting inside a deli cup with perlite 100% sealed from ventilation. I should open it once a week I was told. Should I ever have to re moisten or add water to it?


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Congrats on the eggs. I don't use perlite (I use vermiculite) however if mixed properly and sealed except for a 1x weekly "burp", no additional water should need to be added. However, as time goes on if you notice very minimal condensation on the sides of the container, or if your eggs begin to dimple, you may need to add a smidgen of water. Never get the eggs wet, when adding water just spay or carefully pour it around the very far edges of the incubation container.

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Congratulations on the eggs.... I use perlite for incubating.... I love it....

I put a small slit in the cover of the incubation container and open it once evey two week for air.... I have filled one of my incubation containers up twice with eggs without adding water and the container holds 12 eggs at a time... I usually change the perlite after all the eggs in a container hatch but this particular one I did not....

Just remember, incubating eggs is more of a nack than anything else.... You may go through a few clutches before you get it right, but once you get it, you will only get better at it....

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