OR TRADE:3 adult females for $150 or trade in your favor for Western Hognose snake!!

neubauer geckos

Anthony Neubauer
I have the following 3 girls for sale or trade in your favor for a western hognose snake:

0.1 Ember (Murphy's Patternless Raptor!) sub adult,very close to adult$80:

0.1 Reverse Stripe Tremper Albino Het Raptor(RERS)$45:

0.1 RAPTOr $65:

Or take them all for only $150 plus shipping!!!PM or email at [email protected] if interested!Also available for pickup or delivery to the Reptile Super Show in San Diego on Jun18-19!

If you'd like to trade for a single Hognose,I'm looking for a normal of any size,but has to have eaten atleast 10 times,and be eating pinkies or appopriate sized mice.I'd prefer bigger than a brand new baby,but I'm completely open,so contact me with what you've got and we'll make it work!I'll make the trade in your favor!Thanks for looking!