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I'm not on here or other forums as much as I would like to be and this is why, been buisy making these for me and other people.
Just thought I would share some photos, I'm sure there are some sports fans on here :) Mostly Auburn University since they are my favorite team.

Newton/Adams Auburn Tigers

Ben Tate Auburn. This one went to him

Ben Tate Auburn Tigers. Signed it for me when he got his figure

The Irons brothers, Kenny & David, Waiting for the bottom piece to come back autographed

Auburn vs Alabama 2005 (Iron Bowl) Groves/Croyle 11 Sacks

Zac Etheridge Auburn Tigers. This one went to him. Waiting for mine to come back signed

Clinton Durst Auburn Tigers punter

Clinton Durst vs Alabama, from Sports Illustrated photo. Made for him

Darvin Adams Auburn Tigers. Delivering this one to him this month

Terrell Zachery Auburn Tigers. Delivering this one too

Roddy White Univ. Alabama Birmingham, now with the Atlanta Falcons

The guy from the Program movie

Knowshon Moreno Georgia Bulldogs

Toby Gerhart Stanford Cardinals

Me in high school jersey. :p

Mark Ingram Alabama. I hate this team but someone wanted him

Some I am working on now

Auburn Tigers baseball

Tennessee Valley Vipers arena football

Jason Heyward Atlanta Braves

Notre Dame 2009 Clausen/Tate/Floyd. Doing this for my brother for Christmas

C.J. Spiller Clemson Tigers

Chad Brown Seattle Seahawks & Ship Your Reptiles:main_thumbsup:

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Damn, Eric! Those are tight! I'm more of a Gophers/Vikings/Twins/Twolves/Wild fan, since I'm a MN native, but it's all good. I really like your work. Those look really nice! :main_yes:

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Maurice, I made a Brett Favre in a Vikings uniform but didnt put a photo up because it was the first one I made and the jersey and helmet are not that great looking.