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My African fatailed is not eating and hasn't for a while now.(he is very thin along with his tail)
When I go to feed him crickets he just sorta looks away and kicks them off if they touch his feet. He used to pounce on them if they came anywhere near him.

I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it but I noticed a cricket in his water dish, and it was stuck...A thick coat of a very sticky substance was on the bottom of the dish I washed the dish out completely and removed the cricket that had been stuck. after doing this I noticed a clear gaterade sitting besides his cage, I'm thinking maybe someone in my house went to give him water from the bottle since it was clear. Would explain the stickiness...but not much else HELP PLEASE!


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A vet told me in sounded like calcium deficiency...I've tried feeding him a cricket via tweezers but he acts like it's not there...

There is no vet around where I am...


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Try different feeders, like mealworms.
Post pictures if you can...
Have to define skinny, sometimes they just have eating droughts.

If is extremely skinny and hasn't eaten in weeks then do this:

-Buy mealworms
-dust them in repashy calcium plus icb
-take a syringe, place 3-4 of the mealworms inside of it
-slowly squeeze the guts/juice onto the tip of your gecko's nose so they lick it off
-this will hopefully get his digestive system going and hopefully food cravings.

Also I wouldn't just let crickets hang out in the cage, if your gecko's not eating, then it's NOT going to eat.

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