Please share your Chahoua knowledge with me!!


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Hello everyone!

Im new to the whole forum thing and I guess new to Geckos as well. Im Heather, after spending several months working at a pet store with lizards I fell in love with Geckos I have 2 geckos Moe, Blazing Blizzard Leopard Gecko and Greg, my Chahoua. I have had Moe for a few months now.. he is three and is doing very well. I got my Greg a few weeks ago from the pet store as I couldn't work there any more.

I have done all research possible on Chahouas and now I want some expirential knowledge if you are willing to share. As I know the basics there are some things I am still curious about.....

firstly he is very active during the day.. even right now he is at the bottom of the tank staring at me like a cutie and has been bumping around all day is that normal? I thought they were nocturnal?

Also, I noticed he hasn't eaten much. When he was at the pet store he was on baby food for a bit the switched to repashy diet ( I dont know why) but he doesn't seem to be eating a lot of it. Also when he was at the pet store I wanted to make sure he was eating so I started hand feeding with tweezers and he always seemed very hungry but at home he wont eat from twizers so im worried if he is eating properly.. I did see him eat a cricket like last week but nonthing that I have seen since then. when is the best time to feed him? is there any way of making sure he is eating ok?

Is there any behavioral things you could help me with? how do I know he is uncomfortable... he has been close to the tank for a few days and rubbing his nose a bit.. I cant see any damage but what does it mean? also how do I know if he doesn't like someone.. I have a feeling he doesn't like my Mom but how do I know?

Anothing thing I guess i should say is when I first got Moe he came in another tank but just after I got Greg, Gregs tank broke. so right now they are both in the same tank with a separation in the middle.. I tried putting them together but it didn't work cause Moe is territorial and bit Greg... so why on earth would Greg want to get over the partition? hes done it like 5 times now so I changed it so he cant but why would he want to get over there when he knows how Moe is?

I am in the works of getting another tank but Chahouas are an expensive Gecko and all my saved money went to getting him out of the pet store so my friend is going to get me hers from storage but im not sure when..

I hope you guys can share your knowledge with me.. I am very devoted to my Greg and just want to make sure he is the happiest possible.

Thank so much!! :D
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