Possible outcomes of Super Snow pairings?


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Not sure if I should post this here or in breeding, so forgive me in advance if I've posted in the wrong place.

I have a female SS without any known hets that I have considered using as a breeding female (to experiment with leo breeding in general. If I end up not liking it/not doing well with it I'll likely just keep them all as pets/if I manage to produce offspring, find good homes for them.

What my question is, though, is what are all of the possible morphs that came come from an SS female, and what male morphs would be needed to achieve them? I know Mack Snows and Super Snows are an obvious answer, but how about other morphs, or morphs that can be produced specifically by pairing an SS with another morph? I've been curious for a while and figured I'd make a post so people could give me their opinions/advise/information/etc.

Pictures in addition (ideally adult photos, since hatchlings/sub-adults don't reflect their 'finalized' colorization that they settle on as adults) would be awesome too.

Also, I have a tangerine het. eclipse + tremper (and possibly blizzard) female. I've resigned to the idea that she isn't great 'breeding stock', but it's more or less because her genetics confuse me. If anyone has examples/suggestions of pairings that'd produce interesting babies from her I'd love to hear/learn about it, even if I don't ever do anything with her. It'd be fun/interesting just to know haha.

( As a foot note, I would like to avoid enigmas. Possibly W/Y as well, but primarily enigmas. )

I've added a photo of Enoki (my SS girl) and Zenya (my tangerine het. eclipse girl). Zenya is a very large girl but she isn't a giant or super giant. She's just big, haha.



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Welcome to GF! You have asked some big questions and since I don't want to type a "book", I'll answer briefly and then direct you to some articles to read. Mack snow is a co-dominant morph which means that if the gecko has one copy of the gene, it comes out looking one way (starts out black and white striped and usually yellows up as it matures) and if it has 2 copies of the gene it comes out looking a different way (starts out silvery and develops the white body with black spots/stripes). Your super snow, no matter what it's bred to, will produce mack snow offspring since it has 2 copies of the Mack snow gene and will pass one to each offspring. If it's bred to a snow or a super snow, some or all of the offspring will be super snows.
Your tangerine female has (or may have) some traits that are all recessive. That means that any gecko that expresses (i.e. shows) these traits must have 2 copies of the gene. If it has 1 copy it will not show the trait. This gecko of yours needs to be bred to another gecko that has these traits in order for the offspring to show them. Otherwise, the offspring will be possibly tangerine, and likely some of them will have reduced spotting.
Here are some articles/websites that you should look at to get some ideas. If the terms dominant, recessive, heterozygous and homozygous are unknown to you, do some google research, since these are basic genetic terms: