Preferred way of delivery/Waste of supplements

So I dust all feeders with either their calcium or multi vitamins. I also have bottle caps with calcium powder in the enclosures at all times. However, a lot of the calcium powder ends up spilled and spread around the enclosure rather than eaten by the geckos. Is doing both necessary or excessive? I feel like I am wasting a lot of calcium, would dusting be enough.


Staff member
It's easy for leopard geckos to get too much calcium and vitamin D3 which can lead to side effects. I use Repashy calcium plus (which is an all-in-one calcium, vitamin D3 and other vitamins and minerals) and dust feeders every other feeding. I only used calcium in the enclosure for hatchlings after I noticed that some of them seemed to be developing early signs of MBD. Once I started using it for the hatchlings, there was no MBD. I've been doing it this way (without the calcium in the enclosure for the adults) since 2009. The adults were fine, even when I was breeding (2009-2017).


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