Question about bad eggs


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Hey everyone.

I was just curious about how long approximately do you notice an egg going bad after incubating it? This is my first season. My female laid a clutch of two eggs 10 days ago. They're in the incubator at 81 degrees.. I candled both of them. One is more rose colored while the other is yellow. Im not going to throw out the yellow egg as it looks healthy.

Both eggs appear plump, they have no dents and no signs of mold growth. They dont have any sort of smell. So im assuming they're healthy at the moment.

But my question is if theres a bad egg when do you typically notice signs that its going rotten..a few days into incubation or a few weeks? Or can it turn bad at any point?

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For me finding out that the egg is bad has ranged from one day to 9 weeks. Keep them in there till you're sure.


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