Relocating for a few months - should I take my gecko with me or leave her w/ someone?


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I'll be moving from the San Francisco Bay Area to northern Arizona for a job, but only for 4-5 months and afterwards I'll most likely head back to the Bay Area. I'm trying to decide if I should take my 3 year old crestie with me, and would appreciate any thoughts on this!

I love my crestie and don't want to leave her, but I'm concerned the traveling/relocation could be too stressful and not worth it since it is temporary. She's done car trips before and been ok, though they were mostly 1.5 hrs and at most did one 8 hour drive. I don't think there will be a big change in climate (northern AZ is not scorched desert), just much higher elevation, and maybe a bit colder at night/lower humidity. Another thing is, I'd like to visit the Grand Canyon and maybe some other parks when the job is over and I'm driving back, but that'd be difficult with a gecko (can't leave her in the car, and idk if taking her out on a hike with me would be a much better option!).

If I don't take her with me, my options would be:
- leave her with my parents in SF, who are too afraid of geckos to do anything other than mist and make sure she has water and CGD
- see if any animal lover friends in SF would be willing to take her in. There's a few I trust who'd probably be willing
- ask my sister in LA, who I'll probably be stopping by to see on my way to Arizona, to take care of her

Thanks for reading, and for any help you can give me! :)