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Hello Everybody!!!!
I'm thrilled to be here!!!
I am a newbie and I eat, sleep and can't shut up about my Leopard Geckos!!!
My family is giving me a rough time over this new discovery I made while studying for my State Exam just having finished College and intended to work in career in earlier Chapter of my life...
Well, I was feeling more and more anxiety I was having a hard time studying so opened up a social app and a picture of a little yellow gecko licking his apple. I was sure it had to be photoshop at its best... well couldn't stop laughing to myself thinking about that cute little guy so it didn't take long and I was back on line and discovered they were real and so beautiful, I will now make a very long story short here, however it will be available on my blog when I go live! Having many issues with it , anyways...I did something crazy and never took my exam and bought some Geckos and upset my family that Were now out on their own and why I needed to advance into this next Chapter which is getting very interesting and has brought out my anger regarding Mental Health Awareness something I have struggled everyday with my whole life and tried to keep my disease to myself and fought it hard but it's very complicated and it's tricky and it's something people will, even your loved ones, become annoyed, angry and just downright mean that you just don't get over it. So, Discovering my family was considering having me put into a long term facility to get well at...I was quite angry...they were worried about me after becoming happy with a hobby? They should have been committing me when and been more concerned when I was quiet as a mouse in bed unable to move cuz I was in a foggy period....Anyways, I go by sandiesleos on my website that is if it doesn't erase all my hard work again!!!
I'm going to be a name you will be hearing, I have had a pretty crazy life and can be really funny ...that's why people couldn't understand my bad days and I was judged as lazy and other cruel ways that people do act .... Because MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS is not something people want to acknowledge as a True Disease!!!!
I also have done a lot of research on animals and how they seem to pick up on it and a very healthy bond is made, it's a very real thing my lab doesn't go far from me and has known when to comfort me.... these gecko cuties... I do not underestimate them at all, they are clever, I have picked up on their different personalities. I was in the medical field in my previous life and I'm reading the books again but it's all coming back fast.. I live in a tourist town so during the summer I can purchase my worms in town... I met a kid in 3rd year of College to be a 9th grade science teacher and we have become fast friends... I want to handle my breeders to become trustworthy and enjoy being handled and fussed over, and if I can figure out how to bring them into drafty schools cuz I'm in MN . I want to bring them for teaching purposes and enjoy their looks when they see a colored gecko!!!!!
Anyways, that's me and I just need to start breeding, cuz I'm a empty nester, my Super Raptor I purchased went on hunger strike so I didn't put her threw breeding she was just under a year, my red tail she's three I purchased her and she expelled a infertile egg ..I breeder her with another red tail and she's very huge but last two times I took top off nesting box she raised up her tail in away that made me feel best to back off.. last night I heard her squeaking a bit... according to what I have read and my dates she should have laid over 7 days ago... so I'm thinking to take her to vet tomorrow???
Again, Thank You for allowing me into your club, I have already made the nicest people that share this hobby!!!!


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Welcome to the forum! Good luck with the breeding. If you look at the belly you should be able to see whether there are any eggs. Sometimes the dates don't work out for particular geckos.



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Welcome! We never get tired of hearing about reptiles, so feel free to throw out any blog or social media links. :)

One thing I've learned is that your own happiness and mental health come before the expectations of others. Family usually wants what's "best", but the truth is that only you know what's best for you. Good luck with your journey!