Should NORMAL siblings of Enigmas or Mack Snows be sold as "E or MS Siblings"

Should Normal siblings of Enigmas or Mack Snows be sold as "E or MS Siblings"

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Ok this is my opinion..being that I have owned leos for 3 months only and do eventually plan to be a breeder after all my research and what not are completed and I feel I am ready to take that leap. Now being that with genetics I am pretty much in the dark and am finding a lot of it hard to understand as of yet, If I were to go to a site selling a gecko het for Mack I would know the dif but with Enigma idk if I would have had I not done so much research. It could def alter some newbies or inexperienced into buying something they are not sure of. But then again why would someone buy something they weren't sure of if they are serious about what they wanted to breed. I have 4 petstore leos right now. That is how I got so interested. VERY shortly will be getting a Mack Snow pair and a Bell albino pair. I do know I want to get these from a well known breeder that knows what they are talking about and that I feel will be honest with me and totally up front.

To label them as siblings and up prices because of that is wrong. Labeling as siblings is fine but changes nothing in the long run of them being "normal". But I DO agree with labeling the gens of the parents. That would be a goodidea in all sales as far as I am concerned. I have been to some sites that do this and others that do not. To tell you the truth I am more likely to look at the ones labled because at least you have a better idea of the gens and not just someones word for it. And I believe a new owner wanting to increase their leo count may be more likely to buy one from someone that has their sire and dams labled. When i start breeding I will be doin just that. Hope I made sense LOL

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Should breeders label geckos as Mack Snow and Enigma siblings? Yes.

Should breeders price them higher because of this? No.

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It does not need to be labeled as this because either they are Enigma, or they are not, and either they are Mack Snows, or they are not. So if they are not, it doesn't matter.


I provide as much info as I can on all of my gecko's I hatch. I'm used to explaining lineage of dogs I've bred in the past and just have the same approach with my reptiles. I price based on the appearance and overall quality of each gecko. Which I price fairly reasonable in my opinion. I don't think it's wrong to label what they are or what they came from but don't agree with charging more for suspected genes that are not proven. As far as the snow issue. I have a proven snow that I produced from a normal lav banded female and a high yellow male (both are very visably non snow) , so I'm not sold on the Snow gene not being able to be het deal. I also think that with each genetic morph there is also line bred characteristics that can be passed on... I think theres more research still to be done on this topic....Just my 2 cents though...