Something went wrong — heat question

Hi everyone.

I have a 1 year old (and three months) leopard gecko. He lives in a 25 gallon and I use two domes, one for a CHE and on a dimming thermostat, and the other, a nano UVB (I also provide the appropriate calcium with and without D3). He's been doing good, but this morning I woke up and both domes and lights won't work. I'm set to leave town on Saturday and in my town, I don't have a way to get back up heating for him. I do have a spare heat mat. Will this be suitable for him until I get back? I have someone watching him and providing food and water, and I'll be gone for 9 days. I plan to order a new set up online, and am open to recommendations. Mostly, I'm wondering if he'll be OK with just a heat mat until I return or the new set up gets here?

Thank you in advance!


Staff member
Somerville, MA
Most people use just a heat mat for leopard geckos. Sometimes the overhead light plus the CHE can really dry out the air and dehydrate the gecko. The most important thing is that you have a thermostat for the heat mat, which you can probably get at at pet store. Consider keeping the heat mat as the source of heat even after you come back.


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