Suggestions for leopard gecko terrarium re-vamp


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Hi there, I'm new here but have had my leopard gecko for about 11 years. :)

Maybe it's because I have cabin fever, or maybe it's because I recently did some rescaping in my fish tanks, but I am inspired to revamp my leopard gecko's tank. But with the abundance of info online I am not sure which direction to go in! Her safety and health are top priority but having an enclosure which might be more interesting to her would be great.

She's currently in a 20 gal tall, with UTH (one under the warm hide and on just on the side of the tank for air temp), cool, moist, and warm hides, and reptile carpet. I know 20 gal long format would be ideal but we don't have space for a longer tank at the moment.

The tank has so much unused height, and I'd like to give her more floor space, so I was imagining using foam to build an artificial floor to "build up", with tunnels to "underground" hiding spots. Seems like a lot of people use foam for DIY hides and I saw an example of someone doing something similar.

But then... I also love the idea of bioactive tanks. All my fish tanks are planted so I think this would be awesome. But not sure the tank is big enough, and glass aquariums don't seem ideal for this?

Think I could potentially use the false floor with foam to make the underground system (and use more of the tank space), and then do a more natural substrate on top? Potentially some slate and cork? I am imagining I could sink some plant pots into the foam layer.

I also just learned about deep heat projectors which sound awesome, but prob not safe to use with foam stuff. But if there was a layer of slate over the foam maybe it would be ok?

Open to any ideas here!


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I like the foam idea so much but I haven't done it yet myself. I like the idea of being able to make tunnels and stuff. It does seem like a really hard material to work with though. Like it looks like it would get everywhere