Super Duper Sale


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Pasadena, MD
Im starting a super sale that lasts until tomorrow at 5pm, The super sale is ANY 5 GECKOS ON THIS LIST FOR $700 SHIPPED. After that sale is over which is at 5pm tomorrow the more perminant sale kicks in which is ALL SINGLE GENE GECKOS ARE 10 FOR $500SHIPPED.If interested please call or text me at 410-800-9742.

Radar het murphy patternless breeder
Pure murphy patternless breeder
Emerine het raptor breeder
Mack snow bell albino breeder
Mack snow eclipse het murphy patternless breeder
Eclipse het rainwater breeder
Super giant tremper albino reverse stripe breeder
Sunglow tremper albino

2 Eclipse het bell albino breeders
2 Mack snow eclipse breeders
2 Mack snow bell albino breeders
Bell albino breeder
Stripe bell albino breeder
Tangerine enigma breeder
2 montanus breeders
Giant shtctb breeders
Shtctb breeder
sunglow tremper albino breeder
Electric breeder
Rainwater breeder
Tremper albino breeder
Stripe het bell albino breeder
2 Redstripe breeders
Giant Raptor breeder
2 Murphy patternless breeders
Het bell albino

3 rainwater het eclipses
Eclipse het patternless
patternless het eclipse
2 Electric emerine crosses
Giant tremper albino het ember
3 Emerine tremper albinos
2 double het bell albino/patternless
redstripe x shtctb cross