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I am new to leo keeping and am finding A LOT of conflicting information about vitamin supplementation. One site said dust with calcium every feeding and add a multivitamin twice a week while other have said that a multivitamin like Reptivite is all you need when dusted daily. I guess my question comes down to more anecdotal evidence. Has anyone exclusively dusted with Reptivite and had any issues? I had been doing a 50/50 mix of it with pure calcium then dusting every other day but my leo developed calcium storage bubbles behind his arms. What does everyone do and how long has it been successful? Thanks!


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I use Repashy Calcium Plus which has calcium, vitamin D3 and other vitamins and minerals. I dust once a week, though when I was breeding geckos I did leave a small amount of it in hatchlings' cages once I noticed that a few were showing early signs of MBD. Everyone has been fine with this regimen since 2009.



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Like ACPART, I have used CalciumPlus with my baby Leo. I got him at roughly 4 weeks and 6.5g. He's now a little over 11 weeks and is almost 25g. I just dust all feeders with that, every time he is fed. I have not noticed any calcium bubbles thus far. I plan to maintain this until he's 6mos. Then I will likely dust every other feeding, for another 6 months. Additionally, my feeders are gut loaded with carrots and BugBurger.
I am about to move him into an enclosure which will provide some mild UVB so I'll have to consider dialing back, or eliminating the supplement D3 currently included in the CalciumPlus.


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I dust my feeders with Zoomed Calcium powder with D3 almost every feeding, with a mix of calcium powder without D3 thrown in there every now and then to make sure I do not overdose D3 ( there is evidence that D3 overdosing can cause similar symptoms to MBD). I also dose with a separate multivitamin every other week and I feed my adult leo about 3 times a week. I have never had any issues with him in the two years I have had him and his appetite is absolutely ravishing! I also gut load the feeders with a gel substance that can be found at your local pet shop, Hope this helps!

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