Supplements are Confusing!


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Ok, so I'm planning on getting two leopard geckos next week, so this week I have been researching tirelessly about them. I have read A LOT about their tank set up, their ideal living conditions, proper care and diet. One thing that I am incredibly confused about—mainly because everyone has something different to say— is the supplements and the schedule. I have read that leos need calcium, vitamins, and D3. So I guess I just want to reconfirm that I got it right, because it's beginning to give me a headache, lol.

I plan on purchasing these 3 supplements (from amazon):

Rep-Cal Reptile Calcium Powder with D3
Herptivite Multivitamin for reptiles and amphibians
Rep-Cal Phosphorous-Calcium Powder without D3

I have watched many videos on YouTube about how to do this, and they all give different advice. I also read a wonderful care sheet here submitted by user OhioGecko... and it confused me even more lol.

The leos I plan to get will be juveniles, and according to most everyone, I am supposed to feed them every day until they are adults (in which case feed every 2 to 3 days).

Sooo... should I feed my juveniles every day? And does that mean I should dust their food every day? And if so, is this an OK schedule:

Food dusted with calcium without D3 = Monday through Friday
Food dusted with calcium with D3 = Saturday
Food dusted with Herptivite = Sunday

(A little dish with pure calcium without D3 should be available 24/7, even if I dust the food with the same calcium... right?)

Or should I follow the schedule provided by OhioGecko in which the leos are fed like this:

Calcium without D3 = 24/7
Calcium with D3 = twice a month
Miltivitamins once = a week

If someone could help me out, I'd really appreciate it.


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In general, growing geckos and breeding females need more D3/vitamins. The schedule above appears to be designed for adults. It seems like juveniles would need D3 and vitamins 2-3 times a week, but I will admit that I have never used the supplements you're discussing. Hopefully, someone who uses a similar supplement group can comment.