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I have decided after dealing with gross crickets for much to long I will be switching to a cricket free operation. I used to only have a handful of mealies on hand and a few animals took some but not as staple. That means getting everyone on mealworms! So I bought a couple thousand mealworms and I am switching everyone. Why am I posting this? Because I see a lot of people asking how do do it so I'm going to track how I do it so people can follow and reference this thread as advice. First I took 5 geckos and placed mealworm dishes with around 20 mealworms in. So far 1 out of the 5 has eaten the mealworms. He got a blue sticker and a new gecko was given a bowl of meal worms. I will be skipping 2 feed days coming up on the 5 with the dishes to see if I get any results!
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good luck! it took about 6 months of working with my fatties to get them all off crix. i spaced out the feedings more and would offer roaches and worms more, and crickets less and less.


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Do you think that if you give a gold star rather than a blue sticker the geckos will switch quicker?



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LOL! Most of the babies have converted over to the mealies very well and all have blue stickers (I'll buy golden stars later! LOL) I also had success converting 2 WC animals over buy feeding only 1 or 2 crickets and then presenting the mealworm dish while the animal is still feeding and they both slammed the mealworms instantly! Success!

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