The bunny save mission!


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image.jpgSo a couple weeks ago I was in my backyard playing with my dog and under my tree I saw a bit of fur. I took a better look and it was a little nest of baby bunnies! I didn't want to touch then so I left them for the night, but did I know it would be a big thunder lightning storm so I was looking out my window to watch the bunnies

the mother never came back! ( I never touch them or bothered them) so I had to save them but I saw little bunnies hoping from under the tree! So I ran outside with a umbrella there was 6 bunnies <3 but only 5 made it :( so I got a box and put them in it, in the garage in the morning there were alsleep, I was always looking for the mommy bunny but she never came back! So then I gave the bunnies a bath and made sure they had no bug ect.... I gave 3 away and the other ones are still with me <3 I didn't say that I had 2 bunnies because they got sick and I didn't think they would make it... But there fine now. I'm pronating going to give the bunnies to my mom :)
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