The Miracle of Life

Tongue Flicker

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Madina't Isa, Bahrain
The gift of life is the best gift of them all.. ('coz love is the greatest? @[email protected])

Picked up this egg during my vacation in one of the tropical paradises in South-east Asia. Only God knows what's inside. I found it inside a hollow tree stump.

3 weeks later... Boom! Thank goodness it's not a cobra! Lol

A few hours after force hatching/egg C-section. The egg was starting to mold and catch a lot of unwanted fungal growths

Starting to act normal

At 2 days old, this one's a hearty-eater :D

Released the fella back into the wild. Sad to see it go but that's how it should be :D

Besides, I already have an adult version of him/her. Right, Fido? :D

Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys! :)