Thinking Of Getting Leo, Good DIY Idea?

Micayla Ruby

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Hi everyone! I'm new around here and I'm thinking of getting a leopard gecko. I'm currently in the process of doing some research before I actually get one. I am looking around a ton for the right habitat for my situation. I am a very DIY kind of person. So I was thinking of finding some kind of cabinet and modifying it to fit a Leo's needs. Such as making sure it is safe for the heat pad and has good ventilation. This is the one I found. Let me know any suggestions you may have for me and how I could modify it :)


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Somerville, MA
Welcome to GF! A DIY project can be really interesting and rewarding but I don't recommend that cabinet for 2 reasons:
-- it can be hard to heat a wood-bottomed enclosure properly
--the enclosure doesn't provide enough floor space and is really high for a terrestrial leopard gecko

I have a few suggestions you could consider:
--some people make amazing leo enclosures starting with a tank and making backgrounds and tunnels using Great Stuff foam, foam board and excavator clay
--consider finding a large rectangular or circular glass bottomed enclosure and making it into a coffee table that doubles as a leo cage

Google "leopard gecko cages" and you'll probably find a lot of interesting ideas that people have come up with.