Thinking of leaf tailed gecko's


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I fell in love whit those cute ones, but i only have leopardgecko's.

Can you help me out her? I want some information about how to care what to look out for, how big should the enclosure be. And should i use real plants or fake one?

How mush should a leaf tailed gecko cost?

Thanks, Chbii.


google kinds of leaf tails you are interested in. the care doesnt change much betwen the gecko species but the enclosure size depends on the kind of leaf tail you want. satanics and spear points can stay in smaller enclosures where henkeli and fimbriatus need larger enclosures.. though since most leaf tails in the pet trade are wild cought larger than minimum enslosures are better.

most enslosures ive seen use real plants because you have to water them which helps keep the humidity up in the tank. but with live plants you also want to make sure theres good drainage area for the substrate otherwise you will have alot of issues with the substrate molding.

as far as pricing it adverages around $100-$150 depending on the animal though if you look around on line you can sometimes find better pricing. these are not a gecko you are going to find at your local pet shops they will be at reptile shows or on line. the only time ive seen them in a pet store is when i picked mine i bought online up from the post office and brought them into the petstore i work at untill it was time to go home


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i hope you realise that all leaf gecko species are endangered purely because of the pet trade. By keeping one or more as a pet without breeding and re-releasing you are just contributing to their demise. Leaf tailed geckos are endemic to Madagascar, meaning they can only be found wild there, and are adapted to only really survive there. Is it worth it?


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That's actually not completely correct. Although collection does affect wild populations it's a much more minor degree than that of habitat destruction. The main reason for Uroplatus wild population decline is habitat destruction due to human expansion and deforestation. Those who keep Uroplatus in captivity and breed the species are doing their part to ensure their existence in the future when there may not be habitat available for them to inhabit in the wild. Leaf tailed geckos do extremely well in the correct captive environments and can be bred with dedication and attention to detail. Instead of condemning those who keep a species in captivity that is threatened in the wild perhaps you should gather all the facts and support those who are willing to put the effort into preserving them.

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Here's another thing to consider about leaftail geckos- They've been importing them for years, but where are all those imports? My guess is that most of them are dead, bought by well intentioned folks who love them but have no idea what they're getting into and aren't ready in the husbandry department. Lots of new imports just die no matter what you do, especially the smaller varieties.

IMO, the decision to made in the leaftail department is whether or not you're up to the task to do it right. They're gonna import however many they will import, but the irresponsible action would be to buy one of these rare animals and kill it because you're husbandry isn't up to snuff.