Two juvenile female crested geckos together


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I just got my first ever crested geckos a few days ago. I got them from a reptile store and the keeper said that they were always together since birth. They are kept in a 45 x 35 x 80 (cm) bio active terrarium. I have a few issues with them however:
  1. One is bigger (14g) and the other one smaller (8g). Can this be an issue? I haven't noticed any bites or something like that, they seem to get along fine, HOWEVER:
  2. They're not eating. I give them Repashy mix with calcium or vitamins + try to feed them crickets with calcium.
  3. The bigger one ate a few crickets yesterday but the smaller one is not eating at all (however she ate some of the jellypot i gave them)
  4. Can this be an issue caused by them being together.


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I have successfully kept small groups of cresties together without problems. Even with my cresties kept singly, there have been long periods where there has been no sign that anyone is eating, yet somehow they thrived. You could stick the smaller one's nose in the CGD and see if she'll lick it off. If you're planning to keep them together, you will ultimately need a bigger enclosure (unless the dimensions have a typo).