**UPDATE** Gecko better but having trouble eating


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Hi again.
Thanks to everyone for the help on my last post about the OMNIVORE vs CARNIVORE medication. I have been feeding him the carnivore stuff for about 3 weeks now and he has been gaining weight and been much more active. His colors are much more vibrant now and he has had 1 shed. His poops have not been solid i suspect it is the food.
He has become VERY interested in solids again but is having a hard time snatching the worms up. He was doing this a while back when he became ill until he decided to just lose interest completely. He runs up to the worm and takes little snaps to try and snatch it up. i haven't seen him succeed yet without me helping by putting it in the tongs and helping. This strategy is also very unsuccessful but i have had him eat a few so far.
I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this in a leo before?
Is there another way i could help feed him?
Any advice on this issue that could help me understand why he is having such a hard time snatching them up would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again you guys are lifesavers!


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Does his jaw look to be jutting out or swollen? If he has been calcium deficient, it may be weak and soft.

You can try pre-crushing feeders for him if that is the case and keep up extra calcium and D3 supplementation.

A lot of mine are just bad hunters unless they are very hungry, but he may be having extra trouble with his coordination due to being ill.