Urban Reptiles a sham?


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i need some advice, as ive had something really awful happen to me and my gecko and i dont know what else to do.

I bought a gecko from Urban reptiles a little over 4 months ago and she had a noticeable bulge on her that i presumed was nothing. a birth defect if you will, since i assumed UR to be FAR to reputable a buisness to knowingly sell a damaged/ill animal. but a few weeks later it just really bothered me so i contacted them about the strange bulge. initialy they were quick to answer and told me it was harmless, and i was contented. but when i came to the realization later that it was not harmless its when i started seeing some shadyness.

the moment i insinuated that the issue was in fact medical and vet worthy they dissapeared from contact completely. they didnt answer any of my emails and i sent three. it was as if they intentionally sold me an animal they knew to be damaged and then when i found out they dissapeared without a trace. i am horribly dissapointed and shocked that a buisness would handle itself this way. I was never beligerant or nasty, nor was i unreasonable in my contacts but i just wanted someone to talk to me.

evidence.jpg evidence 1.jpg evidence 2.jpg

these are the email exchanges we had (may it be noted that that bulge she has is now TWICE the size and in danger of exploding)

they answered me one time, then never again.
now, to save this geckos life, i have to pay over $300 for her procedures. and UR seems to be happily content with giving me poor quality animals with the intent to make me pay for her care when she was like this when they had her.

this is shady and wrong, and i dont know what to do.


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I can't be much help to you, but I can tell you I have emailed them several times with questions of geckos I purchased from them too. I also have never received a response.


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Your best bet is to go to faunaclassified.com and post about this to their Board of Inquiry. In order to do this you'll have to register as a member (no big deal) and post the actual emails, just as you did here. At the moment, there is nothing negative listed about him (though all the posts about him are from 2004-2007), but if you start a thread, there may be other responses. I have not had dealings with him, though his reputation is generally good. As an explanation, rather than an excuse, he does have a pretty big business and may have just decided not to deal with this or may have so many emails that he has missed it (that doesn't justify him, but may explain what's going on).



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You need to take them to small claims court. Get a lawyer to call them, with the medical bills and tell them , to pay for it or you sue.


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Posts like this are only allowed in the business section, so I moved it here. All posters will need to add their full names here. You can't edit in this section, so please just add a reply with your full names.


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I do know that this post is old, but I'm hoping to hear any replies about what happened. I have heard negative things about Urban Geckos over the years, but they don't have too many negative things posted about them often. I personally have never done business with them. I'm just not that impressed with their geckos or prices.

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