Urban Style Reptile clothing...these are SICK!

new urban styles for the furture of herpetological. This is the next generation of gear for reptile luvers, hobbyists and breeders. We also do custom Gex Wear for reptile vendors or your most prized reptile you want to show off and pet store orders, all at a great price.

Looking for something new in your reptile store that isn't the same old boring shirts?

Contact us about getting Gex Wear at your store today!

a full line of boas, pythons, geckos and more....all never seen style of clothing for the reptile world. Have been getting alot of great beekback, most shirts are $20 and under with flat $4.99 shipping. With over 200 different shirts, tank-tops and hoodies to pick from and even one of a kind custom orders.

two ways to order?, email me at [email protected] or on the site