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Sooo my partner had a leopard gecko who sadly passed away 2 years ago at the ripe old age of 15. Since then we've bought a house and been renovating so it hasn't been the right environment for a new edition. It's a small house so there are limited places for a viv, I have set aside an alcove and am about to construct in there but space is limited height wise. The space i have available is 35cm front to back x up to 120cm long (if needed) x 30cm high. The RSCPA website says that a viv should be "at least 60cm long, 40cm high and 30cm deep" is 30cm enough height ? The viv will be a forever home for the new addition for hopefully as long as 15 years or longer like Lizzie was so will this be sufficient height for a fully grown leopard gecko for life?

As a complete newbie who has never owned a leopard gecko before and not being able to ask my partners advise as its a surprise for his birthday I could really use some advise, thanks in advance.



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Somerville, MA
Since leopard geckos are terrestrial, I think 30cm height is fine. I have housed some leopard geckos for years in enclosures that are only 23cm high and it's been fine.


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